Healthy Sexuality

Practice Safer Sex

Sometimes it can be tough to make choices about issues as personal as sex and relationships, but no matter what decisions you make, it is always important to gather information and evaluate your options so you can make an informed decision that works for you and your life.

Learn on your own

Our Canvas modules will help you understand options of contraception, how to prevent sexually transmitted infections and how to make healthy sexual decisions (login required).

Get informed

Healthy relationships and sexuality require open and honest communication.

Sex: Communication and Consent
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Get protected

We provide a variety of sexual health products to students at no cost.

Contraception and Sexual Protection
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Sexual health products

Students can order sexual health products at no cost to pick up from the Wellness Resource Center (G202 MU Student Center).

Get tested

Untreated sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be life threatening.

STI and Pregnancy Testing

Request a Program

Request a well-being program on the topic of sexual health for your class or organization.

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Sexual health consultations

Call 573-882-4634 to schedule an appointment to discuss sexual health. Please note, this is not a medical consultation. For a medical consultation, please contact the Student Health Center at 573-882-7481.