Thank You

Thank you for entrusting us with your Tiger’s care. MU Student Health and Well-Being is committed to supporting student health and well-being through a collaborative approach that includes resources to look after their physical health, mental health and wellness.

Mental Health Resource Hub

We believe in a holistic, integrated approach to mental health care. Students can find help and community everywhere, online or in-person. Discover everything that goes into our holistic approach in one place at our Mental Health Resource Hub.

Overall Wellness

Research shows when students are healthy in both mind and body, they are more academically successful and feel more fulfilled. If students need help while they are here, the most important thing is for them to reach out to someone. University faculty and staff will work together to ensure they find the best resources and the most appropriate care.

Steps to Take Before Your Tiger's First Semester

1. Immunization requirements

The University of Missouri requires proof of certain immunizations as a condition of enrollment. Student Health & Well-Being strongly recommends submitting immunization records prior to coming to campus. Learn more about immunization requirements and how to submit records.

Truman the Tiger receives an injection

2. Learn about insurance and the student health fee

The student health fee is assessed to all students enrolled in fall or spring semesters taking seven or more credit hours at Mizzou. Those not required to do so may choose to pay the health fee to receive covered services. Learn more about student fees.

Costs for services not covered by the health fee are either billed through your insurance or, if you are uninsured, billed directly to you. To determine if your health insurance policy is in network with the MU Student Health Center, ask: Is my insurance plan in network with University Physicians (tax ID# 900294051)? Learn more about health insurance.

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3. If your student needs allergy injections

The Student Health Center administers allergy injections to students who have been tested by an allergy specialist. The Student Health Center does not provide allergy testing as a service. You must request your allergist to send your antigen and personalized protocol orders to us. Inform your allergist that, while you are attending the University of Missouri, you will receive your allergy shots from the Student Health Center. Learn more about allergy injections.

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4. If your student has a chronic condition

Our goal is to maintain continuity of health care whenever possible, especially for chronic medical conditions. Please call 573-882-7481 as soon as you arrive on campus to schedule an appointment to establish care. We encourage you to complete this medical health history form [PDF] and bring it with you. You may also complete this record release form [PDF] and share it with your care provider.

To have a seamless transition of care, complete the following steps:

  1. Make an appointment early in the semester to establish a relationship with one of our primary care physicians.
  2. Bring a letter and/or appropriate and recent medical records from your physician. The letter and records should be addressed to:

Scott Henderson, MD
Medical Services Director
MU Student Health Center
909 Hitt St., Columbia, MO 65201

Learn more about care for chronic conditions.

Students in the Radiography program with the School of Health Professions use the X-ray machines

5. Take the Y1CBP

The Year One College Behavior Profile (Y1CBP) is a quick and confidential way to get personalized feedback on students’ alcohol and marijuana/cannabis use. The Y1CBP is provided by Missouri Partners in Prevention and was created with input from and designed by college students. Students must complete this short, 15-minute, required survey by Aug. 21. Learn more about Y1CBP.

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Our Commitment to Students

All of our services are student-centered and offered with respect for others and appreciation of individual differences. We strive to provide culturally competent clinical services, outreach programming, and training opportunities. Learn more about our commitment to students.


All students at the University of Missouri (MU) are eligible to use the services of Student Health & Well-Being. Learn more about eligibility.

Student Health Fee

The student health fee is required for all students enrolled in fall or spring semesters taking seven or more credit hours. The health fee helps cover some services. Those not required may choose to pay the health fee to receive covered services. Learn more about student fees.

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Charges and Insurance

There are charges associated with a visit to the Student Health Center. Health care costs vary and depend on the care you receive and your health insurance plan, if you have one. The ability to pay is not a barrier to receiving health care at Student Health Center.

Learn more about how insurance works at the Student Health Center.

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