Faculty and Staff

MU Student Health and Well-Being is committed to supporting students’ health and well-being through a collaborative approach that includes resources related to their physical health, mental health and wellness.

As faculty or staff, you may often be in the best position to assess a student’s well-being. We are counting on you to help us care for our students and to help students care for themselves.

In the event you become aware of a student needing care, please make use of the resources below. If you are ever in doubt of what to do, call one of the offices listed below for a consultation.

Emergency or Immediate Threat

Dial 911 if you need police, fire or emergency medical services. If you are calling from out of town about an emergency on campus dial 573-882-7201 to reach the MU Police Department (MUPD) dispatch.

Call 573-882-7201 (MUPD) if you are concerned about a student and are unable to make direct contact or the student presents an immediate threat to themselves or others; request a crisis intervention team (CIT) officer for assistance. Officers will contact the subject of concern and conduct a brief assessment regarding safety and mental health resource needs. When appropriate, officers may transport the student to University Hospital/MU Psychiatric Center (MUPC) for immediate psychiatric evaluation.

Physical Health Concerns

Dial 911 if you need emergency medical services. Students with for severe and life-threatening conditions may also visit the MU Health Care emergency department at University Hospital.

Students can call the Student Health Center at 573-882-7481 to schedule an appointment (8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday) for immediate but not life-threatening health care issues. Same-day appointments are almost always available. For after hours, weekend or urgent care, students may visit Mizzou Urgent Care; copays and other charges may apply.

Mental Health Concerns

Call 573-882-6601 at any time to access consultation or crisis support. Consultation is available any time you are concerned about the emotional well-being of a student, including when they have expressed thoughts of suicide or harm to others. Crisis support is available to any student who is unable to cope alone or who finds their usual ways of coping are no longer working.

Call 573-882-7201 (MUPD) to request a wellness check if a student has expressed intent to attempt suicide or harm to others; request a crisis intervention team (CIT) officer for assistance.

Mental Health Resource Hub

We believe in a holistic, integrated approach to mental health for students. Familiarize yourself with all the ways we support students’ mental health below.

Explore Resources

Preventative Care

If you suspect a student is experiencing significant difficulties related to mental health, physical health, personal and family emergencies, financial issues or other areas of concern, you may choose to refer them to the Care Team.

Want to learn to recognize when mental health concerns arise, offer effective and compassionate support, hold your boundaries and make appropriate referrals? Explore See, Say, Do..

Non-Emergency Safety Concerns

If you see or know of an MU student* whose behavior is distressing, disruptive or potentially harmful, please report your concern through the link below to MU’s Student At Risk Committee, which will assess and respond to the concern. If you have questions about filing a report, please call the Dean of Students office at 573-882-5397.

File a Student At-Risk Report

*If you believe that an MU employee might be a threat to self or others, please call MU Campus Human Resources at 573-882-7976 or the MU Police Department at 573-882-7201.