Medical Care Appointments


Always call 911 in a life-threatening emergency. Learn what to do in an emergency or crisis.

Please Call Ahead

  • To respect your busy schedule and those of your fellow students, we require you to call ahead.
  • Same day appointments are almost always available. Please call 573-882-7481 to schedule.
  • You will typically be given a same- or next-day appointment with your chosen primary care provider (PCP). Keeping the same PCP allows you to maintain long-term relationships with medical professionals who know you and your medical history and contributes to high quality of care and satisfaction.

Before Your First Appointment

Please call 573-882-7481 to schedule an appointment. Please complete this medical health history form and bring it with you.

Our goal is to maintain continuity of health care whenever possible, especially for chronic medical conditions. To have a seamless transition of care, complete the following steps.

  1. Make an appointment early in the semester to establish a relationship with one of our primary care physicians.
  2. Bring a letter and/or appropriate and recent medical records from your previous physician. The letter should be addressed to:

Scott Henderson, MD
Medical Services Director
Student Health Center
University Physicians Building
1020 Hitt St.
Columbia MO 65212

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Student Health Center
University Physicians Medical Building
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