Allergy Injections

The Student Health Center administers allergy injections to students who have been tested by an allergy specialist. You must request your allergist to send your antigen and personalized protocol orders. The Student Health Center does not do allergy testing.

Inform Your Allergist

Inform your allergist that, while you are attending the University of Missouri, you will receive your allergy shots from the Student Health Center. Request your antigen vial(s) and allergy protocol/schedule to be mailed to:

Allergy Nurse
MU Student Health Center
909 Hitt St.
Columbia, MO 65201

Your allergist may call the allergy nurse at 573-882-7481 or email with questions.

Make an Appointment

Make an appointment with a medical provider at 573-882-7481. The provider will review your medical history and may perform a brief exam. Only this initial medical appointment is needed for allergy injections during your college years.

Expect to Wait

You will wait 30 minutes after each injection for observation. This is a typical protocol with many allergy offices. There are no exceptions to this expectation.

Problems With Allergy Shots

If you have problems with your allergy shots:

  • Student Health Center physicians are always available with appropriate emergency medications and equipment on site to treat any adverse reactions.
  • The University Hospital Emergency Department is adjacent to our building.
  • The allergy nurse will consult your allergist for any problems with your shots. Most allergy schedules/protocols include guidance for those late getting their shots.

New Vials and Schedules

To obtain new antigen vials and schedules:

  • The allergy nurse will fax the reorder form and the completed vial schedule to your allergist.
  • The allergist’s office will charge the student for new antigen.

During Academic Breaks

  • If you go home during breaks, you are responsible for picking up your antigen, schedule and transporting it back to your allergist’s office.
  • Be prepared to transport your antigen as directed by your allergist.
  • If you forget to pick up your antigen, call 573-882-7481 and ask to speak with the allergy nurse to discuss options. Students returning from breaks may resume their injections without scheduling another provider appointment.

Contact the allergy nurse at 573-882-7481 for any questions or concerns.