Tobacco and Nicotine

Even infrequent or irregular tobacco/nicotine use increases risks for developing chronic illnesses especially those affecting the heart, liver, and lungs, as well as many cancers. Tobacco contains nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. Nicotine withdrawal symptoms can include but are not limited to craving tobacco/nicotine, headaches, anger/irritability/frustration, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, anxiety or depression, or increased hunger.

Learn on your own

We offer on-demand information about many aspects of well-being. Look for the tobacco, nicotine, vapor free module in Canvas (login required).

Tobacco-Free Mizzou

Visit Tobacco-Free Mizzou for identified cessation resources specific to the college population. A team of Mizzou students have reviewed numerous local, state and national evidence-based programs and resources to identify content relevant to the college population.

Tobacco ambassadors

Chat with our tobacco student ambassadors at the Wellness Resource Center. They share Mizzou’s tobacco-free policy with individuals using nicotine products and offer campus reduction or cessation resources and nicotine replacement therapy. These resources are in recognition that nicotine use is an addiction and to help alleviate some of the withdrawal symptoms while on campus.

Time for Change

Time for Change offers strategies and resources to reduce or quit cannabis and/or nicotine as well as current research on the impact of cannabis and/or nicotine and benefits of quitting. You can also connect with a tobacco treatment specialist for online cessation support.

Nicotine cessation

The Wellness Resource Center offers one-to-one coaching for students who want to reduce use or stop use of nicotine products. Free nicotine replacement therapy is available to students who participate in coaching sessions. For more information, call 573-882-4634.

Quit kits

The Wellness Resource Center offers free quit kits for students looking to reduce or quit using tobacco/nicotine products. These quit kits include evidence-based strategies in literature to be effective without medications utilizing the four Ds: Deep breaths, drink water, do something else, and delay. Example items are fidget spinners, Bendeez, sunflower seeds, mints, pens, water bottles, lip balm and reusable straws.

Referral and nicotine replacement therapy

The Student Health Center offers one-on-one visits with medical providers. Physicians and nurse practitioners can prescribe appropriate medication and nicotine replacement therapy to support your quit plan. As with other medical visits, health insurance will be billed for the visit. Call 573-882-7481 to schedule an appointment.