Our goal is to help students make their best choices related to cannabis use by providing information based on recent research.

Learn on Your Own

We offer on-demand information about many aspects of well-being. Look for the cannabis module in Canvas (login required).

eCheckup To Go Cannabis

eCheckup To Go Cannabis is a brief online questionnaire program that provides personalized feedback regarding use patterns and frequency. The program also compares your cannabis use to that of other students and provides weekly, monthly and annual estimates spent on cannabis. The information is presented in a way that encourages you to make choices that align with your personal aspirations and goals.


Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students (BASICS) is a two-part program designed to help students understand their alcohol or cannabis use and to reduce risky behaviors and harmful consequences that can be associated with substance use. If you have been referred to this service due to a conduct violation or medical follow up, you will receive a referral within the MU Connect system.

Brief Substance Use Consultation

Wondering if your cannabis use may be getting in the way of academic or social success? Our coordinators are available to help you explore your use habits, consider both benefits and challenges associated with use, and if you decide you would like to make some changes, we can help you set realistic goals and work toward them. Schedule an appointment with a BASICS coordinator in MU Connect or call our office at 573-882-4634. There is no charge for consultations unless sanctioned by the Office of Accountability and Support.