Sample Schedule

Fall/Spring Semesters

Activity Hours
Direct client contact
Initial Evaluation 3.0
Individual Therapy 11.0 (2nd semester 9)
Crisis Coverage 3.0
Group Psychotherapy 2.0 (2nd semester 3.5)
Focus Area (some direct, some not) 4.0
Outreach 1.0 (average across year)
Total Direct Client Contact 24 (23.5)
Supervision received
Primary Supervision 2.0
Group Therapy 1.0 (second semester 2.0)
Supervision of Supervision 1.5
Focus Area Supervision 1.0
Total Supervision Received 5.5 (6.5)
Supervision Provided
Case Supervision of GA 1.0
Total Supervision Provided 1.0
Other training activities
General Staff Mtg/Diversity Mtg 0.5
Clinical Consultation Meeting 1.0
Training Seminars 2.0
Total Other Training 3.5
Preparation time/Recordkeeping 5.0*
Research/Professional Development 3.0**
Total Time Per Week 42 (second semester 42.5)***

*The amount of time required to prepare for activities (e.g., receiving supervision, providing supervision, developing a program) or write effective clinical notes is quite idiosyncratic. The numbers provided here assumes a level of training and experience in these areas typical for the average intern.

**Hours represent the average number of research/professional development hours logged by interns. Given other responsibilities during peak times, interns typically choose to bank research hours and use them during less intense clinical times (e.g., intersessions, summer, etc.). When research hours are saved for non-peak times, weekly hours worked are much closer to 40/week.

***By the nature of the university calendar, the Counseling Center’s student service demands ebb and flow. This reflects peak hours during first and second semesters; intersession and summer hours are significantly lower.

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