We require several criteria be met by applicants including:

  • Being from an APA or CPA accredited academic program
  • Completing comprehensive exams by the time of application
  • Completing all other academic requirements for the doctoral degree, except dissertation, by the start of internship
  • Having at least 400 intervention (not assessment) hours on the AAPI (masters and doctoral combined)
  • Having completed at least three years of graduate training

Preference will be given to applicants who:

  • Have completed/will complete coursework and demonstrate experience in multicultural counseling, provision of supervision, and group therapy
  • Have previous experience in a university counseling center or similar setting
  • Have successfully proposed their dissertations

Applicants must be able to pass a background check which will be conducted after the Match in accordance with University of Missouri HR-504. This background check may include, but not be limited to, criminal history, verifications of employment and education, and driving records. Each background check is considered individually, and consideration will be given to the relationship between the information obtained in the background check, the responsibilities of the position, and the recency and severity of the offense. A relevant job-related conviction or guilty plea is grounds for termination. The University does not employ any individual required to be registered under sections 589.400 to 589.425, RSMo (Missouri Sex Offender Registry) in a position as a “professor or instructor,” which includes psychology interns. Applicants who match to our program but do not successfully pass this background check will be dismissed from the internship (see APPIC Match Policy 6b).

Some doctoral programs require their students to have additional training contracts and evaluations completed by their internship programs. The University of Missouri Counseling Center (MUCC) internship does not enter training contracts with academic programs, and the MUCC supervisors do not complete evaluations on interns developed by academic training programs. Our training program’s evaluation procedures are extensive and comprehensive, and summaries of progress are provided to doctoral programs (additionally, copies of evaluations may be requested). If you are enrolled in an academic training program that requires such training contracts and evaluations, you are strongly encouraged to consult with your director of clinical training as to whether you are eligible to apply to our program.

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