Recovery Support

Live Sober

More than 1,000 Mizzou students are living in recovery today and many more choose to live sober. The collegiate recovery program offers support and offers support and helps students connect with others who choose to live sober at Mizzou.

Recovery Lounge

Located in G202 MU Student Center, the Recovery Lounge is a sober space where students in recovery will find soft seating, snacks, coffee and sun lamps. Visit the space to relax and unwind, study or socialize with others in recovery.

Student involvement

We are currently seeking students interested in creating a vibrant recovery community at Mizzou to guide the development of programs and sober social events. If you are interested in helping us develop this community, please call 573-882-4634.

Students walk past the fountain near the Student Center


The Todd Manuel Gibson Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a student in recovery who is active in the collegiate recovery program. Applications are accepted between Sept. 1 and Nov. 15. Please call 573-882-4634 for more details.