Peer Education

What is Peer Education?

Peers are those who are in a similar age range, such as friends, roommates, classmates, or resident advisors. We often turn to our peers for advice or information because they know what it is like to be in our shoes. In a formal peer education program, peer educators are trained on specific topics and facilitation skills to deliver outreach and programming that educates and inspires their peers.

Who are the Well-Being Peers?

The Well-Being Peers is a program of Student Health and Well-Being and the Wellness Resource Center. We are University of Missouri students working to create a campus culture where students can achieve balanced well-being and are trained to provide student-centered, inclusive outreach, education, and advocacy on a variety of health and well-being topics including substance use, STI prevention, birth control options, managing stress, stopping stigma and more. We empower students to make healthy choices related to their overall well-being by educating them, providing a nonjudgmental environment to ask questions, and informing them of available resources.

Well-Being Peers come from a variety of backgrounds and academic disciplines. We have a passion for health and well-being, and we often play many roles: friend, educator, leader, activist, or role model. As peer educators, we lead the way by challenging misperceptions, creating positive social norms, and connecting people with the resources they need to maintain positive health and well-being.

Interested in Becoming a Well-Being Peer?

Would you like to create change on campus while gaining valuable experience you can add to your resume? Apply to become a Well-Being Peer. By becoming a Well-Being Peer, you will get involved at Mizzou, build friendships, increase your knowledge and understanding of health and well-being topics, improve your communication and facilitation skills, and gain experience with event planning, marketing, and more.

Find out what the Well-Being Peers are doing on campus, apply to become a peer, or request a peer education program. Visit Well-Being Peers on Engage.

You can email us at or call the Wellness Resource Center at 573-882-4634 for more information.

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